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A dedicated doctor serving in Maintirano, Madagascar

Story and Photos By Antsatiana Gino Randriansolo

Nestled within the vast expanse of Madagascar with its five districts - Maintirano, Morafenobe, Besalampy, Antsalova, and Ambatomainty, the region of Melaky faces the absence of essential medical specialists.

"I recognized the pressing need for specialized eye care services in my community." - Dr. Bodovololona Louise Urma.

Driven by her unwavering dedication to improving healthcare access in remote areas, Doctor Bodo set her sights on pursuing specialization in ophthalmology. Recognizing that acquiring this expertise would enable her to provide critical eye care services in Maintirano and hopefully in the other four districts. Despite the challenges, Dr. Bodo’s dedication to her patients motivated her to pursue specialization in ophthalmology.

MAF plays a crucial role in facilitating her access to educational opportunities in the capital city, saving her precious time and enabling efficient transportation. “MAF has been indispensable in my journey towards empowering the people of Melaky with quality eye care services.” With each flight taken with MAF and every lesson learned in Tana, she moves one step closer to realizing her vision of bringing quality eye care services to the underserved communities of Melaky.

Dr. Bodo estimates that she will have flown approximately 24 times with MAF. This is a testament to the pivotal role that MAF plays in enabling healthcare professionals to pursue advanced training. Through her unwavering commitment and tireless efforts, Dr. Bodo embodies the spirit of empowerment and positive change that defines International Women’s Day.



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